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5 Best Home Decorating Apps

Out of all the things we own or possess throughout our life, undoubtedly home is the most important and necessary thing that one ponders upon to make it look more attractive and awesome. Out of thousands n thousands of ideas that are brought up in our mind when we go through others houses, see movies, or anything but cannot exactly make up to it even if we have it raw in our head since we can never be sure about how those will turn out to be.

From e-banking, shopping to even real estate business, we have become dependent upon the decorating apps since we know the value and quality they offer so why not for our home. Try out these apps for every combination that you can make up in your head or you have ever imagined your dream house to look like which will bring your dreams to reality.

1. Room Planner: Home interior and floor plan design 3D

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This is the best decorating apps so far with over 5 million-plus downloads and has outstanding 4.5 starts which are among the highest ratings of the home decorating apps. It doesn’t matter even if you don’t have a new house, you get to renovate it through the app.

Most apps ask you to pay for it or completely unnecessary tasks however this is free of cost. You have different options for the different rooms you can resize or create new furniture on it. I bet you will be able to see the realistic view of the design you are planning to see in your house.

Download: iOS /Android

2. Homestyler

Tools Nepal 5 Best Home Decorating Apps

It is a 3D home decorating apps and home styler tool with over 5 million-plus downloads and a rating of 3.9. It is free of cost and you will be surprised to know that even professionals prefer to use this app. You don’t have to earn coins or other irritating jobs for buying furniture in this app. The company takes extra care of your queries and any kind of problem you face during the use of this app is resolved in very little time.

Download: iOS / Android

3. Home design 3D

Tools Nepal 5 Best Home Decorating Apps

This decorating apps has around 10 million-plus downloads that have won several hearts by bringing them lovely and lively designs for their homes. Just snap a photo of your home and build your flashing home all by yourself with the furniture that seems more cool and real. Even the Google statistics have taken home design 3D in their top three list of the home design and remodeling apps.

Download: iOS / Android

4. Houzz Interior Design Ideas

Tools Nepal 5 Best Home Decorating Apps

This decorating apps are free of cost and are of high benefit for the users who are thinking of building or remodeling their homes. You can even get immediate feedback from the people of the Houzz community. You can even find the interior designer and contractors nearby your area once you are done with the design which is absolutely a plus point.

Houzz has the largest database of design you can ever find anywhere for any kind of measurement to any budget you can get the perfect idea of your get to a lovely house. It is the combo app for ideas articles artists and all together dealing to create a beautiful home for people within their interest.

Download: iOS / Android

5. Plannar 5D

Tools Nepal 5 Best Home Decorating Apps

This app is surely easy to figure out and trust me thousands of people have already taken the idea from this app and have well applied it to their homes. anyone who is interested in the field of architecture and has difficulty in putting up things in a 3D version can use this app for the best outcome.

You can get a custom texture that is easily found anywhere in the world. The beauty of home comes from your idea and your satisfaction level so why not to give a try to this app to create the magic and I am sure you won’t help yourself not to use this while redecorating or remodeling your home.

Download: iOS / Android

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